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Camino to Finisterre / Fisterra

The extension of the Way of Saint James to Cape Finisterre also known as Fisterra in Galician Follow the 88 km (55 miles) of the Finisterre Way from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to the lighthouse of Cape Finisterre, the land at end of the world, in 5 days staying in charming guest-houses and 1 to 3* hotels. This Self-Guided tour includes the best hotels or guest-houses available on this Camino on your dates (no upgrade possible on this route unless we schedule long transfers each day), a John Brierley Guidebook so you won’t get lost, luggage transfers each day, breakfast and dinners and the award-winning Ultreya Tours service. So, follow an ancient Celtic route to Ara Solis and the land where the sun sets.

Only €590 per person sharing!


    • En-suite accommodation in charming guest-houses & 1 to 3* hotels
    • All breakfasts and three-courses dinners (house wine included with dinners on request)
    • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
    • Emergency support from our local team
    • All taxes and gratuities for the hotels
    • A detailed guidebook per room
    • A Pilgrim Kit per person including an official Pilgrim Passport (Credential)
    • Walk between 14 km and 24 km per day

    price & dates

    Can be organized on request for any number of participants on the dates of your choice - subject to availability and price fluctuations.

    590 per person

    • Single room supplement: + €125 per room
    • No dinners discount: - €100 per person
    • Private transfer from Finisterre to Santiago: + €110 up to 4 passengers
    • Extra night in 4* hotel in Santiago: + €140 per room (dinner not included)
    • Extra night in 3* hotel in Finisterre: + €100 per room (dinner not included)
    • Extra night in the 5* Parador of Santiago: from + €250 per room (dinner not included)

    Contact us for further pricing details including extra activities, shorter walking days, travel insurance, stop-overs and day tours.

    •   fact file

      Accommodation  Charming Guest-houses & 1 to 3* Hotels
      Total Walking Distance  88 km
      Duration  6 days / 5 nights
      Starts  Santiago de Compostela
      Stops  Negreira, Mazaricos, Cee
      Ends  Finisterre
    • highlights

      Obtain your Fisterra, the certificate of accomplishment of this route
      Walk an ancient route to the land at the end of the world
      Spend two afternoons by the beach
      The perfect after Camino tour before going home!

Before you walk the Camino to Finisterre, we recommend you walk the French Way or the Portuguese Way in 2 to 4* hotels. You can also choose to visit Finisterre and the main attractions on the way in one day with our regular group tours.

what to expect on this tour?

A spiritual journey towards the land at the end of the world. This popular route can be added to any of our Caminos after reaching Santiago de Compostela but is not recommended as a stand-alone route, due to the lack of facilities and quality accommodation at the present time.

Note: The stops, activities and distances detailed in the tour itinerary are subject to accommodation availability. Ask us for a final itinerary based on your dates and requirements! We will happily customize this itinerary by adapting the number of days and the distances to your specific interests and needs! Learn more about our Services here.

What is the Finisterre Way?

The extension of the Way of Saint James to Cape Finisterre is also an historic pilgrimage route. Once they have made it to Santiago, many pilgrims decide to pursue the ‘Way to the Stars’ (Camino de Estrellas) to Finisterre to finish the Camino by the coast and see a superb sunset on the most western place in continental Europe.

Many believe the pilgrimage to Cape Touriñan just North of Finisterre has existed for thousands of years. Celts would have started walking to a pagan Templar of Ara Solis during the Bronze Age on a highly ritualized journey. The first Roman Empire Augustus would have then used the ancient path, which follows the Milky Way from the East to the West of the Iberian Peninsula, and made it an initiatory trip to obtain Roman citizenship. The path which ended in Finisterre has been called the Herculean Way or the Path of Janus and has been often linked to the Game of the Goose. Slightly different to the French Way, both routes often join up and share many similarities.

After reaching Finisterre walking from Santiago, pilgrims are eligible for the Fisterra, the certificate of accomplishment of the pilgrimage to Finisterre. To obtain it, you will need to go to the Municipal Albergue in Finisterre, Rúa Real, 2, (the main street of the old harbor town). If the Albergue is closed you can also obtain your certificate from the Town Hall, Rúa Santa Catalina, 1.

Pilgrims in past centuries have also continued walking 29km north of the “end of the world” up the coast to the Sanctuary de Nuestra Señora de la Barca in Muxía, where you can obtain the Muxiana.

self-guided Tour with local emergency support

This tour does not normally include a guide so you will be walking at your own pace and making as much or little stops as you wish. You will be walking an average of 22 km a day, which should take just over 6h per day. As everyone will be walking in the same direction, take this opportunity to meet new people or introspect during your time alone.

Most people leave early in the morning to avoid the heat and to be able to indulge during the afternoon in a siesta, make the most of the hotels facilities, visit the local town and have a drink in a local terrace. But this is your Camino, you decide how you want to live it!

Sleep in charming guest-houses & 1 to 3* hotels

On this tour, you will sleep in charming guest-houses near the Camino & 1 to 3* hotels in town centers. They all provide a welcoming, authentic and unique experience but are quite basic. Unfortunately, the route does not allow us to change this level of comfort except organizing long transfers after each day.

Everyday, as you change accommodation, you will find your suitcase, left with your hotel receptionist in the morning, will travel with you to the next accommodation. Most nights you will be in the heart of a town and others you will enjoy the peace of the countryside. However, you will never be far away from the Camino and always in a area full of history.

Eat fresh & traditional meals

Dinners if included will be either served at your hotel or at a local nearby restaurant, whichever offer the best quality meals according to your specifications. Expect mouth-watering traditional three-course meals with several choices prepared with the best fresh and local products. Local wine can be included at dinner on request.

Lunch is usually not included to allow you to stop whenever you feel you need a break and enjoy quality time with the new friends you made along the Way.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and any special dietary requirements or allergies. Just let us know beforehand so we can advise the chefs.

Add extra days or activities for an unforgettable adventure

Why not take advantage of the fact you are in Spain to do some tourism and visit Madrid, Barcelona, Grenada or any Spanish city on your bucket list? The closest International airport to your Camino is Santiago de Compostela but you might want to change the airport pickup town or add nights somewhere on your way to Santiago.

We can help you choose and book those extra nights before or after your tour and organize day tours around Galicia to, for example, the beautiful Cies Islands or extra activities during the tour (wine-tasting, Balneotherapy, guided City tours or much more. Check out our selection of Day Tours in Galicia and European Stop-Overs or let your imagination run wild and let us know let us know how you would like to make this tour unique.


This 5 nights route brings you along 88 km (55 miles) of the Camino to Finisterre / Camino de Fisterra.

Map and elevations of the 88 km of the Camino to Finisterre and the Costa da Morte from Santiago de Compostela

day 1 - Making our Way to your starting point of the Camino

Congratulations, you have made it to Santiago de Compostela. However, there is a tradition to go 88 km further towards Finisterre, also known as the land at the end of the World.

So, from today on, you will be going on a different journey: You have left the Camino de Santiago and are now walking the Camino to Finisterre, the only Camino which originates in Santiago. Your first night will therefore be in the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela.

day 2 - 20 KM - WALK FROM santiago to Negreira

Finally, this is the day you start your pilgrimage! The Camino starts directly on the Obradoiro Square, the main square of the Cathedral of Santiago, and leaves the old town through Rúa Das Hortas (the city orchards) which becomes San Lourenzo before going down to the city's prettiest small river. Most the route will be on tarmac or dirt tracks through eucalyptus and pine forest. You will pass through several tiny villages and cross ancient Roman bridges.

Once you leave the city, there will be a long climb up to Trasmonte, but then it will be downhill into Negreira, your destination for the day. In Negreira, take time to visit Pazo do Cotón, the country house of the Cotón family, and the chapel next door, dedicated to St. Mauro. You will be staying in a gorgeous country house just 10min drive away.

day 3 - 25 KM - WALK FROM Negreira to Mazaricos

After a short drive back to Negreira, the Camino will take you uphill right away. You will slowly rise up to Zas, Rapote and A Pena and get a little relief before making the ascent up to Monte Aro, where you will enjoy great views onto Fervenza’s dam. Enter the wild Sierra de Castelo and the Xallas valley through peaceful green pastures.

You will notice it is quite difficult to find out exactly where you are today, as most hamlets have no name or facilities and the kilometers have been taken off the milestones. So, although we recommend to end the day at the bus stop in Lago, you can stop whenever you find somewhere easy to give directions to and ask your host to pick you up. You will be staying, if available, in a boutique hotel with swimming pool located in the Galician village of A Picota just next to the Camino.

day 4 - 25 KM - WALK FROM Mazaricos to Cee

After a drive back to your pick-up place from yesterday, you will continue downhill to the village of Olveiroa where you will find one of the rare bars of this section. After a coffee climb through a small forest track up Monte do Sino until your reach the the small hamlet of Logoso. You will then walk 1 more kilometer to Hospital - the last village for 16km! Here, make sure you stop at the bar, refill your water and grab some food as there won’t be any fountain for another 13km and little shade.

After the bar, continue for 2km until you reach the point where the Caminos to Finisterre and Muxia separate and choose to head to Finisterre. After this, you will continue climbing and walking over the hill to the Alto do Cruzeiro da Armada, where, you will get your first glimpse of the sea. After 10 km, you will see a sign for a 200m detour to the fountain on your right - make the detour! From the fountain on, the Camino will go downhill across high moors until Cea (try walking in zigzag to preserve your knees).

After a few kilometers, you will finally reach civilization again, a fountain, various bars and a bit further the harbor town of Cee where you will spend the night in the town's 2* hotel.

day 5 - 18 KM - WALK FROM cee to Finisterre

On your last walking day to Fisterra you will travel along a beautiful path, hugging the cliffs and coves of the wild Atlantic coast. There will be some more woodlands but most of the journey will be walking on a long white-sand beach of Langosteira. At the end of the beach, you will find the city of Finisterre with its charming old harbor and 4km further the lighthouse at the end of the world.

The famed lighthouse at the end of the world, Faro de Fisterra, is one of the most recognized landmarks in all of Galicia and was built in 1853. On a clear day, you will be able to have a visibility of up to 30 kilometers out at sea. But the views onto the rough, jagged, and treacherous Costa da Morte - Coast of Death, are spectacular whichever the weather.

There is a recent tradition for pilgrims to burn their clothes or boots at the end of their journey at Cape Finisterre, which has caused damaging wildfires in 2016 so please do not indulge in this and leave no trace.

After you completed your pilgrimage go back to the village, get your last stamp in the Municipal Pilgrim Albergue Rúa Real, 2, (the main street of the old harbor town). If the Albergue is closed you can also obtain your certificate from the Town Hall, Rúa Santa Catalina, 1. Check-in into your lovely hotel with views unto the Ocean and watch the sunset on the Coast da Morte and the End of the World before having dinner at the best seafood restaurant in town!

day 6 - back TO SANTIAGO!

As your Camino to Finisterre has come to an end, you need to return to Santiago to get your flight or train back home. We recommend asking us for a private taxi to drive you back to the airport or the city center of Santiago (takes about 1h15 drive) but there are also public buses departing every few hours (expect a 3h journey in total).

We hope the Camino to Finisterre has brought you whatever you were looking for and to wish to see you again soon in Galicia!

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