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Discover the French Way on a bicycle. Cycle the French Way from León to Santiago de Compostela in 7 days and get your Compostela or Certificate of Achievement.

If you go everywhere by bike, wish to experience as much of the Way as you can in a shorter time frame or simply want a new challenge while having everything organized for you at a great value, this is the tour for you.

Cycling the Camino and covering more ground each day means each night you will sleep in the middle of a vibrant and historical town and be able to witness first hand Northern Spain hospitality.

Only €990 per person sharing!


    • En-suite accommodation with breakfast in charming guest-houses & 1 to 3* hotels
    • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
    High quality custom hybrid bike equipped with 27 gears, disc brakes and 27.5" wheels. Delivered with all the necessary equipment: pannier rack, bottle holder, bell, (front and rear) lights, tool kit, safety retro-reflectors and a bicycle lock
    • Emergency support from our local team and from a network of bike garages
    • All taxes and gratuities for the guides and hotels
    • A detailed guidebook per room
    • A Pilgrim Kit per person including an official Pilgrim Passport (Credential)
    • Cycle between 48 km and 70 km per day

    price & dates

    Can be organized on request for any number of participants on the dates of your choice - subject to availability and price fluctuations.

    990 per person

    • Single room supplement: + €210 per room
    • Transfer in from Oviedo & out from Santiago Airport: + €100 per 6 people
    • Half-board supplement: + €150 per person
    • Discount for bringing your own bike: - €200
    Electric bike supplement: + €180 per bike
    • No luggage transfers discount: - €40 per person
    • Private Van Support during the cycling days: + €1700 per van
    • Extra night in 3* hotel: + €115 per room (dinner not included)
    • Extra night in 4* hotel: + €170 per room (dinner not included - upgrade + €95)
    • Extra night in the 5* Parador of Santiago: from + €250 per room (dinner not included - upgrade + €135)

    It is also possible to shorten the distances, skip or add a section or only cycle the small section of your choice, ask us for a personalized quote including extra activities, travel insurance, stop-overs and day tours.

    •   fact file

      Accommodation  Rustic Charm Guest Houses & 1 to 3* Hotels
      Total Cycling Distance  312 km
      Duration  8 days / 7 nights
      Starts  León
      Stops  Astorga, Ponferrada, Valcarce, Portomarin, Arzua
      Ends  Santiago de Compostela
    • highlights

      Cycle the French Way from León and get your Compostela
      Experience timeless Galicia and our world-famous hospitality
      Visit two of the most beautiful Cathedrals, one Templar Castle, the most important Monastery in Spain and cross two mountain chains
      Excellent value for money

Looking for more luxury? The Camino by Bike is also available for groups of 6+ guided in 3 to 5* hotels including Paradores: choose to start in León or cycle the Full French Way from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela.

what to expect on this tour?

Expect to have a wonderful time and to experience the best the French Way have to offer by bike! We designed this tour around personal experiences of the Camino, client feedback and recommendations so your group can have the best experience possible along the Way. Take your time to travel through beautiful Galician green countryside, timeless villages and rediscover the pleasure of being in direct contact with nature.

Note: The stops, activities and distances detailed in the tour itinerary are subject to accommodation availability. Ask us for a final itinerary based on your dates and requirements! We will happily customize this itinerary by adapting the number of days and the distances to your specific interests and needs! Learn more about our Services here.

A real Cycling Adventure self-guided

Cycling  is a relatively new way to undertake the Camino de Santiago and is an excellent choice for those who want to experience as much of the Way as they can in a  shorter time frame. By cycling at least the last 200 kms into Santiago de Compostela you will be eligible to receive your Compostela or Certificate of Achievement.

This tour includes 6 cycling days along the French Way and moderate to high levels of fitness are required. If you want to make you journey easier we recommend opting for an electric bike which will be very useful while climbing up to the Cruz de Hierro and O Cebreiro.

The mornings are usually devoted to the walk which should not take more than 6h and the afternoons are dedicated to the siestas, enjoying the hotel facilities, visiting the town and other optional activities.

Click here read the full specs of the bicycles we use and for more about our cycling partners.

Sleep in charming guest-houses & 1 to 3* hotels

We take particular pride in the quality of our accommodation. To ensure your group only stays in the best accommodation along the Way, we regularly visit and rate all our providers.

As you are able to cover more ground everyday, you are less limited to where to stay and eat each night. We will be able to book you almost every night in the heart of a vibrant town. Expect to sleep in a mixture of charming guest-houses near the Camino & 1 to 3* charming hotels in the town centers. They all provide a welcoming, authentic and unique experience with all the comfort and service you would expect from a hotel of that category.

Everyday, as you change accommodation, you will find your suitcase, left with your hotel receptionist in the morning, will travel with you to the next accommodation. Most nights, you will be in the heart of a town and others you will enjoy the peace of the countryside. However, you will never be far away from the Camino and always in a area full of history.

Total freedom on your meals to enjoy real local food

Because you are staying each night in the heart of towns, we decided not to include dinners and allow you to decide where you want to eat and make up your own menu every night. Galicia and Castilla-y-León are proud to have a many Michelin star restaurants and are known all over Spain for the quality of their products and their cooks' skills as well as unique dishes as Morcilla and pulpo a feira. So, expect mouth-watering dinners or tapas made out with fresh, local ingredients.

Dinners if included will be either served at your hotel or at a local nearby restaurant, whichever offer the best quality meals according to your specifications. Expect mouth-watering traditional three-course meals with several choices prepared with the best fresh and local products. Local wine can be included at dinner on request.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and any special dietary requirements or allergies. Just let us know beforehand so we can advise the chefs.

Add extra days or activities for an unforgettable adventure

Why not take advantage of the fact you are in the Iberian peninsula to do some tourism and visit Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona or any Spanish city on your bucket list? Your closest arrivals airports are León or Oviedo and your departure airport is Santiago de Compostela but you might want to opt for other airports to visit another region or add nights somewhere on your stopover towards the Camino.

We can help you choose and book those extra nights before or after your tour and organize day tours around Galicia (Cies Islands, Finisterre, Oporto...), extra activities during the tour (wine-tasting, guided tours of the Cathedral de Santiago, the Monastery of Samos, O Cebreiro...). Check out our selection of Day Tours in Galicia and European Stop-Overs or let your imagination run wild and let us know let us know how you would like to make this tour unique.


This 7 nights route follows the 312 km of the Camino Frances - French Way from León to Santiago de Compostela.

Map of the French Way by bike


Make your way to León, one of the most strikingly beautiful Cities along the Way. León is the Capital of the region of Castilla-y-León, the medieval kingdom that led the re-conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors, gave birth to modern Spain and gave the world Castilian Spanish.

The whole old town is UNESCO protected City and hosts to one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedral, filled with more than 100 stained glass windows. If time allows spend the afternoon visiting the Cathedral and the old town before having a tapas dinner in the old town.

DAY 2 - 48 km - CYCLE FROM leon to astorga

We will start your journey on the Camino Frances with a busy day today, so we will wake up early to cycle to the ancient Roman city of Astorga. Asturica Augustus was an important communications hub for the Romans and the most important city in this region of Spain, known as the Maragatería, due to it’s proximity with the Gold Mines of Las Medulas.

This fascinating town offers to its visitors a beautiful Gothic Cathedral, a unusual Episcopal palace designed by Antoni Gaudí (mostly known for designing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona) and a Chocolate Museum as well as plenty of terrace bars and tapas restaurants.

DAY 3 - 54 km - CYCLE FROM astorga to ponferrada

Get ready because today, we will attempt to cross one of the highest mountain peaks of the French Way to arrive at the Cruz de Hierro, the Iron Cross. Here, it is common for pilgrims to leave a souvenir of their passage, a rock, piece of paper or even shoes as a symbol of shrugging off the weight of one’s sins. So, don’t forget to bring along a symbolic token.

Our destination is Ponferrada, an ancient Roman citadel which was placed under the custody of the Order of the Temple in the 11th century. The Knights Templar used the site of a primitive Roman fortress to build a castle in which they settled and which, at the same time, protected the passing pilgrims. This impressive structure which still stands in the center of the old town is one of the last remaining Templar Castles and the location chosen by Paolo Coelho for one of the most memorable scenes from his book “The Pilgrimage”.

DAY 4 - 47 km - CYCLE FROM ponferrada to valcarce

On your last full day in Castilla-y-León, you will notice the landscape starting to change as you cycle across the valley of El Bierzo in between mountain ranges. Take it easy today, as tomorrow you will have to cross one of those mountains to get into Galicia.

Our first stop today, is Villafranca del Bierzo, a lively medieval town with great importance for the pilgrimage. Indeed, Pilgrims who could not make it to Santiago de Compostela because they were ill were given the jubilee blessing once they passed the Puerta del Perdón gate (again remember “the Pilgrimage” by Paolo Coelho). After a short visit, we will then continue to the foot of the O Cebreiro Mountain in the Valcarce Valley where we will stay in a charming guest-house.

DAY 5 - 70 km - CYCLE FROM valcarce to portomarin

Prepare for a challenging and rewarding day with an ascent of 1000m in the first 10 km, a long descent and impressive landscapes. But we promise it will all be worth it once you make it through beautiful mountain paths into the timeless Celtic village of O Cebreiro. With stunning panoramic views of the valleys below from 1300 meters up, the ancient pallozas (circular pre-Roman stone dwellings built by the Celts of the region) and the rebuilt Romanesque church of St. Mary’s, site of a 14th century Eucharistic miracle, few places along the Camino are as enchanting as O Cebreiro! 

The rest of the journey is then downhill and breathtaking. At Triacastela, you’ll have the option of making a detour to the Benedictine monastery of Samos, one of the wealthiest and most powerful monasteries of the peninsula in Medieval Times. After Sarria, the starting point of most pilgrims along the French Way, we will pass the 100 km maker and continue along easy paved trails through beautiful countryside, meadows and oak woods, charming villages with slate roofs. Our destination is a small hotel in the center of Portomarin, a town with great history, impressive archways and a memorable church. This town is very unique as great battles that took place in the valley below and the town you visit is only a replica of the Medieval town relocated in the 60s rock by rock to avoid floods.

DAY 6 - 50 km - CYCLE FROM portomarin to arzua

Today, you will be following a trail that has been protected by the Knights of the Order of Santiago since 1184 and you will pass near the Romanesque Church of Vilar de Donas, where the knights are buried (2,5 km away from the Camino).

There will be some more uphill and downhill but mostly peaceful oak and eucalyptus forests and charming villages We will have a chance to marvel at Furelo’s medieval bridge, considered one of the jewels of the French Way’s civil architecture, and the oldest surviving cruceiro (calvary) in the world in Melide. Around lunchtime we will stop in Melide where you should treat yourself to "Pulpo a la Gallega" (Octopus) at our recommended establishment.

Our destination for the night, Arzua, is famous for cheese, so ask your host tonight to do a cheese and wine degustation at dinner.

DAY 7 - 43 km - CYCLE FROM arzua to santiago de compostela!

This is it! Only 43 kilometers separate you from your goal. Leave early to reach Santiago before twelve, if you wish to see the pilgrim mass at midday (other at 7:30). Half-way you will cross Lavacolla's river, where, if weather permits, you should stop, take off your shoes and let your feet rest in the cold waters. Lavacolla's name comes from a purification ritual that pilgrim would undergo before reaching Santiago. It was traditional to clean your clothes - and hence purifying your soul - in that same river before stepping into the Cathedral. Another 5 km and you will climb up Monte do Gozo (Mount of joy) which was transformed into an area for pilgrims for the Jacobean Holy Year of 1993 and offers stunning views on the City of Santiago de Compostela.

Enter the Medieval Town through the Puerta del Camino, pass the iconic Praza de Cervantes. A few meters further you will find the Azabachería Door, the official entrance to the Cathedral on non-Holy years (in 2016 and 2021 you will be able to enter through the Holy Door on the Quintana Square). Enter the Cathedral now, if you wish, we recommend continuing to the Plaza del Obradoiro, the main Square of the Cathedral, where you will find the Portico de la Gloria and the most impressive view of the Cathedral. Simply stop here.

Congratulations, you have made it to Santiago de Compostela, the resting place of the Apostle Saint James. Breath in and truly live this moment, do whatever feels right. You still have a few things to do today - check in to your hotel 200 meters way, get your pilgrim certificate, attend pilgrim mass, try some delicious tapas and marvel at the architecture of our beloved City.

day 8 - Start of your next adventure

A wise pilgrim once told us "the real Camino starts where the Camino de Santiago finishes but I will not be afraid because the Camino will always be there for me."

Today, as we bring you to your departure airport, we will share our impressions and thoughts about the journey you undertook. We hope the Camino has brought you whatever you were looking for and wish to see you again soon in Galicia!

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