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Full French Way - 17 km per day

The full Camino Experience. Walk the full 775 km of the French Way from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in 47 days, with an average of 17 km per day (can be customized on request to your preferred average distance per day, staying in beautiful, peaceful and historical guest-houses on the Camino de Santiago or 2 to 5* hotels in town centers.

We shortened the walking days to give you time to take in all those wonderful and unique places and relax or do some tourism in the afternoons. Our self-guided Full French Way include accommodation, a John Brierley Guidebook so you won’t get lost, luggage transfers, breakfast (dinners on request) and the award-winning Ultreya Tours service. So, follow your dream of walking the entire French Way with reasonable distances each day and wonderful accommodation.

on request


    • En-suite accommodation with breakfast in charming luxurious guest-houses & 2 to 4* hotels + 1 extraordinary hotel per stage (a Parador, a beautiful Pazo or a luxury 4* modern hotel)
    • Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel

    • Transfers to and from hotels if not on the way
    • Emergency support from our local team 

    • All taxes and gratuities for the hotels
    • A detailed John Brierley guidebook per room
    • A Pilgrim Kit per person including an official Pilgrim Passport (Credential)
    • Walk between 8 km and 26 km per day

    price & dates

    Can be organized on request for any number of participants on the dates of your choice - except the second week of July (the San Fermin in Pamplona) where a supplement will be applied - subject to availability and price fluctuations.

    Full route in stages of 10 miles for 5760 per person

    Starting Point Rates
    Stage 1 - Saint Jean / Logroño in 12 nights 1.490
    Stage 2 - Logroño / Burgos in 7 nights €880
    Stage 3 - Burgos / Leon in 9 nights €1.130
    Stage 4 - Leon / O Cebreiro in 9 nights €1.130
    Stage 5 - O Cebreiro / Santiago in 9 nights €1.130


    • Single room supplement: + €30 per day per person
    • Add dinner: extra + €20 per day per person (€40 in luxury accommodation)
    • Extra walking day: + €125 per person
    • Extra night in the 5* Parador of Santiago: + €300 per room (dinner not included - upgrade + €160)

    Choose to walk only 1 section at a time or all 5 - discounts available for walking over than 2 stages at a time. Possibility of cycling the Meseta. Contact us for further pricing details including extra activities, shorter walking days, travel insurance, stop-overs and day tours.

    •   fact file

      Accommodation  Luxurious Manors & 2 to 5* Hotels
      Total Walking Distance  775 km
      Duration  47 days / 46 nights
      Starts  Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
      Stops  Pamplona, Logroño, Navarette, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Burgos, Carrion de los Condes, León, Astorga, Villafranca del Bierzo, O Cebreiro, Sarria, Portomarin and many more
      Ends  Santiago de Compostela
    • highlights

      Encounter Celtic and Roman sites, mountain villages, and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí.
      Visit the cathedrals of Burgos, León and Santiago and many other UNESCO World Heritage sites.
      Get your Compostela and a Certificate of Distance of 775 km
      Discover the cuisine of 4 different Spanish regions

Looking for a different journey? You can also discover the best of the Galician part of the French Way in 5 days on our Camino French Way Mini or cycle the Full French Way.

what to expect on this tour?

Expect to have a wonderful time and to experience the best the French Way have to offer! We designed this tour around personal experiences of the Camino Frances, client feedback and recommendations so your group can have the best experience possible along the Way. Enjoy the highest levels of comfort and experience North of Spain in a different Way.

Note: The stops, activities and distances detailed in the tour itinerary are subject to accommodation availability. Ask us for a final itinerary based on your dates and requirements! We will happily customize this itinerary by adapting the number of days and the distances to your specific interests and needs! Learn more about our Services here.

self-guided Tour with local emergency support

This tour does not have a guide so you will be walking at your own pace and making as much or little stops as you wish. The days have been shorten to ensure you are walking an average of 17 km a day (10 miles). As everyone will be walking in the same direction, take this opportunity to meet new people or introspect during your time alone.

Most people leave early in the morning to avoid the heat and to be able to indulge during the afternoon in a siesta, use the hotels facilities, visit the village and have a drink in a local terrace. But this is your Camino, you decide how you want to live it!


We take particular pride in the quality of our accommodation. We regularly visit and rate all our providers to ensure you will only stay in the best accommodation along the Way according to your budget and needs.

On this tour, you will sleep in charming luxurious guest-houses near the Camino (transfers to and from the houses included each day) & 2 to 4* historical hotels in town centers plus 1 extraordinary hotel per stage. But please note, that, due to the increasing popularity of the French Way, our favorite hotels might already be fully booked on your dates so we will be reliant on availability. In this case, we will try our best to find the best accommodation available which provide a welcoming, safe and authentic experience.

Everyday, as you change accommodation, you will find your suitcase, left with your hotel receptionist in the morning, will travel with you to the next accommodation and you will have different facilities to enjoy including for example swimming pools and spas (during summer and in selected locations).

An easier Camino with shorter stages

Moderate to high levels of fitness are required for this tour due to its duration. We highly recommend training for long distance walks with the walking gear you will be using before heading out to walk the Full French Way. We have shorten the traditional stages to make the Camino more manageable, extra resting days can be added and we will provide you with telephone numbers for local taxis if you need a lift.

We cannot promise it will be an easy walk but it will an experience to remember and cherish for the rest of your life. You will be walking along the wine-lands of La Rioja, the gold fields of the Tierra de Campos, across all the way into Santiago de Compostela and to the resting place of the Apostle Saint James.


Because of the length of the journey and so you can enjoy a bit more variety or can join your new Camino friends for meals, we decided not to include dinner or lunch. Galicia, La Rioja and Castilla-y-León are proud to have a many Michelin star restaurants and are known world-wide for the quality of their products and their cooks' skills as well as unique dishes as Morcilla and pulpo a feira. So, expect mouth-watering dinners or tapas made out with fresh, local ingredients.

This said, we can include some special dinners or make reservations for you in selected restaurants on request.

Add extra days or activities for an unforgettable adventure

Why not take advantage of the fact you are in the Iberian peninsula to do some tourism and visit Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona or any Spanish city on your bucket list? Your closest arrival airport is Biarritz and your departure airport is Santiago de Compostela but you might want to opt for other airports to visit another region or add nights somewhere on your stopover towards the Camino like San Sebastian or Paris.

We can help you choose and book those extra nights before or after your tour and organize day tours around Galicia (Cies Islands, Oporto...) or around Pamplona (San Sebastian, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Biarritz). Check out our selection of Day Tours in Galicia and European Stop-Overs or let your imagination run wild and let us know let us know how you would like to make this tour unique.


This 47 nights route brings you along the 775 km of the Camino Frances - French Way from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French border of the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela with shorter walking days.

Map of the Full French Way Walking

STAGE 1 - WALK 165 KM FROM Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port TO LOGRONO

From the Pyrenees towards Navarra and into la Rioja.

1 Arrive in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port 0
2 Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Virgen of Orisson - transfer Saint Jean 12
3 transfer Virgen of Orisson Roncesvalles 15
4 Roncesvalles Viscarret 12
5 Viscarret Larrasoaña 16
6 Larrasoaña Pamplona 15
7 Pamplona Muruzábal 20
8 Muruzábal Cirauqui 12
9 Cirauqui Estella 15
10 Estella Los Arcos 22
11 Los Arcos Viana 19
12 Viana Logroño 10


• Cross a Mountain Chain and meet the Virgin of Biakorri on top of the Pyrenees with wonderful views onto the region
• Stay in peaceful Roncesvalles
• Discover the City of the Running of the Bulls and Hemingway’s favorite - Pamplona
• Climb to Alto del Perdon & walk across vineyards and beautiful countryside
• Go wine-tasting in a small winery in La Rioja (extra €15)
• Visit the Museo Vivanco de la Cultura del Vino in Logroño- said to be the best in the world! (extra €15)


From the world-famous wine region of la Rioja to la Meseta of Castilla y Leon.

1 Arrive in Logroño 0
2 Logroño Navarrete 13
3 Navarrete Najera 17
4 Najera Santo Domingo 21
5 Santo Domingo Viloria de Rioja 14
6 Viloria de Rioja Villafranca Montes de Oca 20
7 Villafranca Montes de Oca Atapuerca 19
8 Atapuerca Burgos 20


• Stay in the emblematic Parador of Santo Domingo de la Calzada (if available)
• Walk across Medieval Rioja along the red earth trails and discover the beautiful villages of Navarrete and Najera,
• Visit the UNESCO World Heritage caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca where the records of the earliest known hominids in Europe, dating to between 780,000 and 1 million years ago, were found. - located 1 kilometer from the village of Atapuerca (extra €18)
• Visit the 6th century UNESCO World Heritage San Millán Yuso and Suso Monasteries, the birthplace of Castilian Spanish, on a day tour from Azofra - guided tour & return taxi included (extra €60)
• Discover Burgos the City of the Spanish Hero El Cid and home to a grandiose Cathedral
• Stay in charming guest-houses on the Camino and 4* hotels in the main cities
• Try costillas grilled over sarmientos in La Rioja and cordero lechal asado (succulent roast lamb) in Burgos


From the UNESCO Heritage Sites of Castilla y Leon across the Meseta.

1 Arrive in Burgos 0
2 Burgos Hornillos del Camino 20
3 Hornillos del Camino Castrojeriz 20
4 Castrojeriz Fromista 26
5 Fromista Carrión de los Condes 19
6 Carrión de los Condes Ledigos 24
7 Ledigos Sahagún 16
8 Sahagún El Burgo Ranero 18
9 El Burgo Ranero Mansilla de las Mulas 19
10 Mansilla de las Mulas Leon 18


• Experience the flatness of the Meseta - a time for introspection and a time to strengthen your will.
• Enjoy a refreshing walk along the canal between Puente Fitero to Boadilla del Camino into Fromista
• Walk through the endless green and gold fields of the Tierra de Campos
• Visit the ruins of the San Antón Convent, the Virgen del Manzano Collegiate Church and the San Juan Church in Castrojeriz
• Visit Villalcázar de Sirga and its enormous fortified Templar basilica, Santa María la Blanca (St. Mary the White)
• Stay in Sahagun, the Spanish Cluny
• Sleep in the Parador Hostal de San Marcos, a 5* hotel which is one of the most extraordinary historic hotels on the Old Continent and you will recognize it from the movie “The Way” where Martin Sheen splurges for one night. (if available)


Roman goldmining towns, Templar, Celts and breathtaking views

1 Arrive in Leon 0
2 Leon Mazarife 21
3 Mazarife Hospital de Orbigo 13
4 Hospital de Orbigo Astorga 17
5 Astorga Rabanal 20
6 Rabanal Acebo 17
7 Acebo Ponferrada 16
8 Ponferrada Villafranca do Bierzo 23
9 Villafranca do Bierzo Las Herrerías 21
10 Las Herrerías O Cebreiro 8


• Discover the ancient Roman city of Astorga with its beautiful Gothic Cathedral, a unusual Episcopal palace designed by Antonio Gaudí (mostly known for designing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona)
• Plan a afternoon tour to the World Heritage Roman Gold Mines of Las Medulas from Ponferrada (ask us for details)
• Cross two amazing mountain chains - the Mountains of Leon and of O Cebreiro
• Leave a symbolic token under the Cruz de Hierro, the Iron Cross next to Rabanal del Camino
• Visit on of the last remaining Templar Castles in Ponferrada and the location chosen by Paulo Coelho for one of the most memorable scenes from his book “The Pilgrimage”.
• Pay your respect to the Black Virgin in Ponferrada
• Spend the night in the Parador of Villafranca do Bierzo (if available) and pass the Puerta del Perdón gate
• Have lunch in the timeless Celtic village of O Cebreiro, with stunning panoramic views of the valleys below from 1300 meters up, the ancient pallozas (circular pre-Roman stone dwellings built by the Celts of the region) and the rebuilt Romanesque church of St. Mary’s, site of a 14th century Eucharistic miracle


From the Pyrenees towards Navarra and into la Rioja.

1 Arrive in O Cebreiro 0
2 O Cebreiro Biduedo 15
3 Biduedo Samos 17
4 Samos Barbadelo 18
5 Barbadelo Portomarin 19
6 Portomarin Lestedo 20
7 Lestedo Melide 20
8 Melide Arzua 14
9 Arzua O Pedrouzo 20
10 O Pedrouzo Santiago de Compostela 20
11 Santiago de Compostela


• Visit the Benedictine monastery of Samos, one of the wealthiest and most powerful monasteries of the peninsula in Medieval Times.
• Pass the iconic 100 km maker and reflect on the distance you have just accomplished
• Experience Galician Hospitality by staying in luxurious guest-houses
• Follow a trail that has been protected by the Knights of the Order of Santiago since 1184 and plan a detour near Arzúa to visit the Romanesque Church of Vilar de Donas, where the knights are buried (2,5 km away from the Camino).
• Marvel at Furelo’s medieval bridge in Melide, considered one of the jewels of the French Way’s civil architecture
• Treat yourself to “Pulpo a la Gallega” (Octopus) in the most famous Pulperia in Galicia
• Get your Compostela, the Certificate of Accomplishment in Santiago de Compostela
• Enter the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where the Apostle Saint James rests.

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