Day Tours in Galicia from Santiago de Compostela

Make the most of your journey along the Camino de Santiago by adding a few days before, during or after to discover a new city, region or to indulge in a new exciting activity.

In 2018, pilgrims from 130 different countries reached Santiago de Compostela after accomplishing the Camino de Santiago. This means many of you come from very far away and sometimes simply reaching the Camino de Santiago is a journey by itself or could be your chance to visit Spain and even Europe.

Therefore, to help you make most of your time in the Old Continent, we selected day trips, guided city tours and unique activities near the Camino or in the main European touristic hubs that you can easily add to your journey for an even more memorable experience.

Scheduled day tours in Galicia from Santiago de Compostela

Once you have walked the Camino de Santiago and reached Santiago de Compostela, you might want to discover more of magical Galicia, its beautiful coastline, strong Celtic & Christian heritage, wild beaches and arguably the best seafood in Europe. The terra de meigas, land of the witches or Green Galicia offers a few unmissable stops that can be visited as day tours from Santiago or enjoyed over a few days.

Here, is our selection of the best day tours from Santiago de Compostela with regular departure dates. Simply let us know if you would like to join the tour or if you wish to make it private and we will add it to your Camino booking.

Private Day tours around Galicia and the Camino de Santiago

At Ultreya Tours our aim is to make your Camino de Santiago as special as possible. For this purpose we selected a few activities near the Camino to add to any of our tours. These tours are operated by local guides, inbound tour operators & private vineyards or farms that have a proven track record for the quality of their service and activities. This list is not exhaustive so if you have a particular activity in mind, let us know!

European Stop-Overs & Festivals

Your journey towards the Camino de Santiago can also be an Adventure by itself. As most International flights towards Santiago de Compostela require a stop-over in an European Capital, why not plan to stop for a couple days and explore that city?

We recommend the following European Cities where your flight is most likely to do a stop-over and the most popular fiestas in Spain. Our European stop-overs are totally built on request based on availability for your dates, budget and requirements so let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen for you or put you in relation with a local tour operator on-site.

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