Our quality control policy

At Ultreya Tours, we are committed to 100% accuracy, attention to detail and efficiency. Although our employee are experienced and well-trained, they are also human, therefore we have a completely automated quality control system in place to compliment our Camino's Planners manual checks. Our systems can be fully customized to the culture, policies and goals of your organization. The result is a complete quality control solution that ensures any errors or missed opportunities are caught BEFORE your money is wasted. Its basis is our Ultreya Scallop Scheme

Stages of Quality Control

1- Setting Standards: A standard is defined as a unit of measure that serves as a model, guide or pattern. Standards are criteria against which results can be measured. They can be physical and represent quantities of products, service units, man-hours, speed, volume, rejection, or may be stipulated in monetary terms and costs, revenues or investments; or other criteria of measurement.

2- Measuring results: Comparing performance and expectations is easy if quality control is properly set and if there are means available to determine exactly what subordinates are doing.

3- Correction: As a result of the measurement, if deviations are detected, deviations correction, new plans and procedures must be put into place immediately.

4- Feedback: After deviation corrections, we must re-program the control process with the information obtained by the deviation.

Methods for to obtain information about the quality of our service

1- Questionnaires: At each stage of the process, we sent questionnaires to our customers by email:

• After the rejection of the proposal - to understand what we have done wrong
• After the pre-payment of the reservation - to have information about their satisfaction so far
• After the tour - to get a general opinion about our services and detailed information about our suppliers
• + occasional questionnaires to members of our newsletter or visitors of our website

2- Telephone interview: At the end of each customer service call we ask if we responded to their needs and we call group leaders after the trip to get their feedback on our services

3- Observation: We will send mystery customers to our providers to verify the service provided