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Tours on the Camino de Santiago built for demanding groups and solo travelers

By choosing to embark on the Camino de Santiago with Ultreya Tours you are deciding to have the most personalized experience on the Camino. We will go the extra mile to make your journey on this wonderful pilgrimage route as unique as your group. For this, we offer all-inclusive services a la carte so once you decide how you want you Camino to be and are on the Way, you won't need to worry about transporting your luggage, the quality of your next hotel, which restaurant to choose, what happens if you get tired and need a taxi etc. This is our stamp of guarantee.

Simply pick from our list of services and built your own Camino:

Dedicated Camino Planner so you only have one point of contact within Ultreya Tours
Professional advice on routes to choose and activities
A large selection of ready-made itineraries to choose from on the French and Portuguese Way
Pre-scheduled Guided Tours anyone can join on the French and Portuguese Way
A network of partner local compagnies which can organize the routes we don't usually work on, like for example: the Le Puy Route, the Via de la Plata, Caminos from Barcelona and Lourdes, Saint Olav...
The possibility to walk, cycle, horse-ride or drive the Camino
Documentation to help you prepare for your Camino: what to bring, how to train, what to expect... (coming up webinars by Sue Kenney)
Special rates for groups and returning customers
Guaranteed response to all emails within 24h
Pilgrim Kit: depending on the tours includes the pilgrim passport (the Credential), Camino stickers, luggage tags, small Camino souvenirs, caps, backpacks, tee-shirts
Detailed guidebooks from leading Camino references and Credential (Pilgrim Passport)s
A collection of photos of the group to share
Letting of Mobile phones with data and call credit
En-suite accommodation in 1 to 5* hotels and guest-houses
Clean, secured privatised dorms in hostels (albergues)
Meals: usually buffet breakfast and 3 courses dinners - packed lunches and local wines at dinner can be added on request
Airport Transfers from any destination in Spain
Private Van Support & private driver
Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
Emergency support from our local team
Individual travel insurance
Local bilingual guide with years of experience in the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
All taxes and gratuities for the guides and hotels
Mountain, hybrid and electric bike rentals for 2 to 30 days
Queimada ceremony in Santiago
Homestays in Santiago de Compostela to improve your Spanish
Contact with local English school students willing to show around Santiago de Compostela for free
Optional activities along the Way: wine-tasting activities, guided visits of classified monument, half-day tours around the region...
On request Special Interest Tour Guides specialized in arts, yoga, Literature, Meditation, Photography, Aromatherapy, Languages, Theology, History Courses etc.

what to expect on our tours?

Expect to have a wonderful time! We designed our services around personal experiences of the Camino, client feedback and recommendations so your group can have the best experience possible along the Way. Take your time to travel through beautiful Galician green countryside, timeless villages and rediscover the pleasure of being in direct contact with nature. The Camino is our way of life and we love to share it.

Build the Camino of your dream

At Ultreya Tours, we know each Camino is unique and everyone has their notion of the Camino de Santiago. Whatever you would like to complete your pilgrimage, we can help, whether it is walking, cycling, horse-riding, having a support van, a guide or self-guided. You can decide to walk as part of a group you brought along, join one of our Guided Departure or walk by yourself.

For those choosing to walk or cycling with a support van (our Classic, Premium and Ultreya ranges), we don't usually add a guide because we believe the Way is well enough signalized for you not to get lost and that your group members will not all want to always walk together. We prefer letting the individuals decide on how they want to organize their day. This means that can leave at their convenience, walk at their own speed and stop for as long as they want, knowing our support vehicle will be waiting for them every few kilometers, and can be joined easily over the phone, with snacks, fruits and water as well as muscular pain creme and blister plasters.

Our guides are mostly official guides of the Galician Guide Association, which means they are able to show you around cultural monuments and are locals fluent in at least Spanish, Galician, English and another language. However, for some groups we prefer to use English or American guides living in Galicia. The later do not have the ability of showing you around the Cathedral but we find it is easier for our clients to bond with them. If you decide to go with a guide, he or she will stay with your group for the entire duration of your trip, they will be in charge of planning the activities and schedule and sorting small issues along the Way. We recommend one guide per 15 people.

We also offer self-guided tours (our Albergue, Primo and Self-Guided ranges) where you have no guide or support van but a detailed guidebook and hotel vouchers with personnal recommendations from Ultreya Tours. These tours are meant for smaller groups or solo travelers.

Sleep in the best accommodation along the Way for your budget and requirement

We take particular pride in the quality of our accommodation. To ensure your group only stays in the best accommodation along the Way, we regularly visit and rate all our providers.

We offer three different types of comfort levels to suit your group's budget and expectations. Choose where you want to sleep from budget hostels to charming and luxurious Galician manors and historical 5* hotels. All provide a welcoming and authentic experience but with different levels of comfort and service.

Everyday as the group changes accommodation they will find their suitcase left behind travels with them. Afternoons are usually free to allow the group to relax, visit the local village, enjoy a drink in a terrace or join one of our pre-booked activities. Most nights, you will be in the heart of a town and others you will enjoy the peace of the countryside. However, you will never be far away from the Camino and always in a area full of history.

Eat fresh, delicious & traditional meals

Most of our tours include Dinners and Breakfast, but as our tours are fully customizable, we can add lunches or cancel all meals. Dinners will be either served at your hotel or at a local nearby restaurant, whichever offer the best quality meals according to your specifications. Expect mouth-watering traditional three-course meals with several choices prepared with the best fresh and local products. Local wine can be included at dinner on request.

Lunch is usually not included to allow you to stop whenever you feel you need a break or to enjoy quality time with the new friends you made along the Way.

We cater for vegetarians, vegans and any special dietary requirements or allergies. Just let us know beforehand so we can advise the chefs but remember if the allergy is severe always remind your waiter before ordering just in case.

Happy Pilgrims

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How is our approach different?

As stated in our Values, we believe clear processes and transparency are key to providing a quality service. One of our applications of this principle is our Lodging & Restaurant Selection Process. We know opinions are subjective and the fact we receive excellent service during a visit does not mean the provider will always give such service. There might be a limited choice of accommodation and restaurants in certain towns and on certain dates. Yet, the quality of our providers is a direct representation of the quality of our service.

We cannot afford to disappoint our clients and book the wrong provider if there is a better choice available nearby. So, we created the following 4 levels process to choose lodging and restaurants and ensure the best service levels for our customers:

1- Providers must meet each one of our basic requirements:

All our providers must strictly observe our Environmental and Social Sustainability Policies

  • Minimum requirements for lodgings:

    • Must be WiFi in the common areas
    • Must demonstrate a respect for the environment and treat their staff right
    • If ranked on TripAdvisor.com they should have a minimum Score of 3/5
    • If ranked on Booking.com they should have a minimum Score of 6/10
    • Must be within 15min from the Camino de Santiago and provide transfers from the town on request
    • Staff must have fluent English
    • Good value for money
    • Hot water and with sufficient pressure
    • Must offer en-suite rooms

  • Minimum requirements for food providers:

    • Near chosen accommodation for the night
    • Ability to cater to special dietary restrictions such as vegetarians or vegans
    • Fresh products and excellent food presentation
    • Fast and efficient food & beverage service
    • High standards of hygiene and effective food handling procedures
    • If ranked on TripAdvisor.com they should have a minimum Score of 3/5
    • At least a selection of meat and fish for the main course

2- Potential providers are rated through our Ultreya Scallop Scheme

To compare and choose a providers, we make them go through the Ultreya Scallop Scheme which compares facilities, service provided and user reviews to give a quality rating. Our unique notation system defines the number of Scallops we will give a provider out of a total of 5. The ratings are regularly updated so that when making a reservation for your group we know to choose the available provider with the most Scallops. Find out here what our notation criteria and how much weight we give each.

3- We compare the information we have on the providers and our number of our Scallops with our client's needs and expectations

At Ultreya Tours, we know each group is unique and might not have the same needs or expectations so instead of assuming we prefer simply asking what it is you are looking for exactly. You decide which type of journey you wish to undertake.

4- We value our clients feedback and include them in all our decisions

Customer feedback is essential to us. It allows us to improve our service, make wiser decision in the future and we are not immune to flattery :).

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