Ultreya Tours Sustainability Pledge

Ultreya Tours is a member of the Travel Better Club and has pledged to join Sustainable Travel International‘s efforts on the UNWTO 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development to help create a better world through sustainable travel.

Together, we hope to chart the course for a new direction in the travel and tourism industry, one that leads to clean beaches, forests and parks; that fosters local economic development and that results in the protection and longevity of cultural traditions and architectural treasures.

Our efforts might be small but we believe every little helps and that our efforts on a local level (for us by promoting sustainable travel on the Camino and Northern Spain) can make a real difference.

What we ask our clients and partners

One of the most remarkable aspects of travel is that each new adventure represents an opportunity to positively impact the people and places we visit. But, sometimes it can be difficult to know what the best choices are or how YOU can make a difference.

In this spirit, we would like to ask you to:

read Sustainable Travel International's general recommendations for better travel and follow these principles while traveling on the Camino de Santiago
take a free 30 minutes online training class on sustainable travel for tips about ways that you can make a difference before, during and after your trip
join the Travel Better Club, a community of passionate globetrotters, curious culture seekers, and bold adventurers all committed to making a difference by traveling better.

For more information on how to travel better and complimentary access to the Travel Better Certificate course, visit Sustainable Travel International’s website.

What we pledge to do to improve our impact on the Camino de Santiago and Spain

We consider the following policies as guidelines for our business actions. We believe this entails only conducting business within sustainable guidelines that will achieve the objectives without damaging the ecosystem and protecting the natural and cultural heritage.

our environmental Policies

The overall objective of our Environmental Policies is to promote and encourage good practice guidelines within internal processes, actively contributing to the development of sustainable tourism.

  • Our actions will contribute effectively, constructively and integrally to generating economic benefits for the entire organization (management and staff), protecting the environment and respecting the culture and idiosyncrasies of Galicia.
    Sustainability is central to our development, becoming an inherent feature of our services.
    By training our employees to always favor the most environmental favorable solution we obtain better job performance.
    Saving water, energy and recycling is critical to fulfilling our commitment to corporate responsibility pillars. In this sense Ultreya Tours is committed to:

    • Use energy rationally by reduction practices.
    • Avoid waste and pollution of water resources to contribute to their conservation.
    • Perform an appropriate waste management guidelines by reducing, reusing and recycling.

  • As a complement to environmental management, Ultreya Tours proceeds to:

    Contribute to the conservation of forest resources.
    Contributing to the reduction of air pollution.
    Provide sufficient hygiene and safety levels to ensure the health and security of our customers, employees, suppliers and the community in general.

    By this, Tours Ultreya declare ourself a "smoke free tour operator", prohibiting smoking within our transport units (when not private rental) and promoting a healthy, clean and comfortable for your customers and visitors environment.

our social policies

We will vigorously fight any touristic activity that we consider detrimental to what characterizes the Galician culture or endangers the physical and moral integrity of our employees, customers, visitors and neighbors.

All international and national sale will be in accordance with specific plans to be designed considering the involvement of the main areas of operation, seeking mutual benefits in terms of branding and responding to the vision and objectives of the tourist area as a whole.

Visitors will be shown the culture, traditions and customs of our regions, defending their integrity, respecting the environment and transmitting the importance of enjoying the cultural richness of our country, without generating negative impacts on villagers and their culture.

our Environmental criteria for any purchase

  • We give preference to domestic products, supporting entrepreneurs in our country
    Minimize emissions to air and to water.
    Exclusion / limitation of harmful chemicals.
    Use of environmentally friendly products.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials.
    Lower power consumption.
    Proper management of waste generated and generating less waste in general.
    Most efficient logistics during delivery.