Tipping in Spain & on the Camino de Santiago

Tipping in Spain is not as customary as it is in the USA for example. Spain has a relatively high minimum wage (was just increased by 22%) and the staff members you will be in contact with are fairly paid for their services. A 10% service charge is always included in your invoice at restaurants. As part of our services, we take care of ensuring the restaurant, hotel, driver, guide is compensated correctly so no gratuity is requested. 

But if you feel that a person has gone the extra mile for you, a tip is always appreciated. 

Here are some places you might consider leaving a tip:

Bar / Coffee shop: We generally round up to the nearest €1 or leave 20 to 50c per couple

Restaurant: Depending on the price of the meal, either round up or add a couple to a few euros per table or 5 to 10% (remember you already paid 10% + about €3 per person to sit and be served bread / cutlery)

Hotel Porter: might expect a €1 tip per luggage in the more luxurious hotels

House Cleaning / Massage / Hairstylist / Taxi driver:  It is not customary to tip, unless provided great service, if so add 10%. If we booked an extra service for you, please note we almost always work and pay that person directly without making a commission so 100% of their earnings go to them without any intermediaries. 

Guide / Driver: Our guides and drivers are well paid, especially in Galicia but if the person has given you a good service it is quite common to give some €5 to €10 per day per person. Of course, no gratuity is ever expected and you won’t ever be put under pressure to tip, so please make your decision based on the quality of service you receive rather than feeling you have to.

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